4 Tips to Overcome The Boredom

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Do you ever feel tired of something? or maybe you sick of your daily activities and make you bored? have you?

I have, actually it means you only human being, being desperate or mad over something it's only a part of human being,... Just take it and admit it but i suggest you to not be drown in it,...
 So, that you can be productive again. As for me, i have 4 ways to handle it and it works for me and i just want to tell you, it may not working for some people :D

I just want to share my own hideouts,..And you can give a try too!

1.Go To Beach

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 If i bored of something or i have nothing to do i usually go to beach to entertain myself, actually you can go anywhere you want to, but i love beach the most :D

Even i just sit near beach and see the view it helps me to free from boredom. Why do i choose beach? because i just love to see the wave, the sky and of course the sound of wave made. Sometimes if i just want to enjoy the sound of wave, all i need is just to close my eyes and focus on hearing the sounds, It's really calming. Maybe some people could say that "Why don't you listen the sound of wave from your phone or youtube?". My Answer is simple, "Why do i need to? if i can see and listen to the real one?" :D

And Of course you can go to another place that suit you the most, :)

2. Reading A Book

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And my second way is reading a book, i am not a bookworm. but i just feel by reading a book makes my mind fresh with new knowledge and open my mind.

I usually read a comic, novel or Self-improvement book and sometimes a bioghraphy of someone to encourage myself more.

The novel that i've read are, Bingo, Harry Potter, The lightening thief, etc. but i like "Bingo" most. Sometimes i read newspaper and magazine, the point is i just read something not specifically, :D

3. Playing Game 

And also sometimes i play games, but not in common like mobile legends or PUBG. I like to play simulation game, like the sims, StrongHold, but right now i play two games, Harvest Moon Back to Nature and Toram online

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Harvest Moon Back to Nature or usually called HMBTN is a simulation game about farming, Mining, Breeding and also the most favoite psrt of this game is i can build my own family. You can marry one of girls in the town and had a baby with her. 

This game is so nostalgic, because the first time this game known in PS 1. Well you know when does PS 1 Publish right? :D 

Many version of this game but i love this version most, i don't know i just love it, even the graphic itself is not that good. I just love the story, mystery, and also the love story, haha....

And also i play Toram Online because my friend suggest me...

Before i play Toram Online, i played Ragnarok Eternal Love. The difference is RO eternal love more comlicated and Toram Online is more friendly to new player. It's simple and the quest understanding. Toram Online is RPG, You can choose your own favorite character and the outfit. and also you can join a Guild to build a relation between player.

these two really are helping me to reduce my boredom and refresh my barin again,...

And also the player in toram are nice, not like the other game in common too much toxic people, who use cursed word or say something bad to each other to make theirself good from the other, 😏

And the last one issss,...

4. Talking to My Pet 

My Last Escape is talking to my pet, if i on my boredom or anger i usually talk for an hour before sleep to my fish which i named him "Goldi". Actually i have 2 fishes before and i named the other one "Jackon" but it die 2 week ago.

Maybe talk to your pet sounds weird for some people, but guys i tell you the pet will neve talk about you or tell people your secret so you can talk about everything with it freely, 😆

And it really helps me to face my boredom or anger, also sometimes when i talk to goldi somehow it response to my feel. It looks like try to comfort me and sometime entertain me, yeahh i know it sounds werid, :D

(The Pic Of Goldi and Jason)
Okay guys! those are my escape from boredom, even mostly i talk about anger or whatever, haha
Actually they are some suggest for you, you can try it yourself or find your own escape. I just want to tell you, if you haven't had one yet, Find One!

Life is just to beautiful for you to waste it with unproductive daily, you cheer up and move up! 

Have a Bless Day Guys! :D

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